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Saturday 1 April SERIAC 2000 - South East Regional Industrial Archaeology Conference

SIHG Lecture Course 2000-1

25th Series of Industrial Archaeology Lectures
Tuesdays 1930-2130, University of Surrey
Programme co-ordinator: Tony Stevens

3 October 2000
Industrial Archaeology in Essex
Shane Gould, Essex County Council Planning Dept
17 October 2000
The Horsham/Guildford Direct Railway
Gordon Knowles, SIHG
31 October 2000
RAE Farnborough, When Engineering Was Fun
Clive Ellam, President of the Newcomen Society
14 November 2000
Retrieving Intact - Saving Larger Fragile Structures
John Price, Director, Conservation Services
28 November 2000
Fatal Flaws - Some Industrial Disasters
Alan Thomas, SIHG
12 December 2000
Members' Evening

9 January 2001
The History of Marine Radar
Professor Phil Williams, Leicester University
23 January 2001
Eadweard Muybridge - Father of Cinematography
Paul Hill, Curator, Kingston Museum
  6 February 2001
Research Skills for Industrial History
Grahame Boyes, Railway & Canal Historical Society
20 February 2001
Industrial Archaeology of the Medway Valley
Bob Ratcliffe, President, City of Rochester Society
  6 March Phil 2001
The Pottery Industry of Mediaeval Surrey
Phil Jones, Surrey County Archaeological Unit