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Saturday 17 April SERIAC 2004 - South East Regional Industrial Archaeology Conference

SIHG Lecture Course 2004-5

29th Series of Industrial Archaeology Lectures
Tuesdays 1930-2130, University of Surrey
Programme co-ordinator: Bob Bryson

28 September 2004
William McMurray or Don Guillermo, wireworker, papermaker and espartero
Prof Alan Crocker, SIHG President
12 October 2004
Canal Lifts
Dr Stuart Chrystall, SIHG Treasurer
26 October 2004
The Romance of the Straw Hat
Veronica Maine
  9 November 2004
Sound Mirrors
Dr Richard Scarth, Hythe Civic Society
23 November 2004
John Logie Baird
Jon Weller, Amateur radio enthusiast GOGNA
  7 December 2004
Members' Evening
including 'Unusual Ordnance', John Day
11 January 2005
Idle Women, the story of WWII boatwomen
Runnalls Davis, Lecturer on Canals
25 January 2005
The Industries of Wandsworth
Dorian Gerhold, Wandsworth Historical Society
  8 February 2005
The Wealden Iron Industry
Jeremy Hodgkinson, Wealden Iron Research Group
22 February 2005
Robert Mann Lowne, a London inventor and scientific instrument maker
Sue Hayton, GLIAS committee member
  8 March2005
Inspiration & Perspiration
Alan Thomas, SIHG Secretary