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SIHG Visits, Extra Meetings & AGM

Saturday 23 April SERIAC 2005 "Transport"
Hosted by SIHG, at Chertsey Hall, Chertsey, Surrey
Saturday 16 July Conservation Award Presentation & AGM
Farnham (Building Preservation) Trust
Restoration of Pottery Kiln, Farnham Pottery, Wrecclesham
Saturday 8 October SIHG 25th Anniversary Conference
'The Development of European IA over the past 25 years'
+ 'Some Industries in Surrey 100 years ago'
Friday 14 - Sunday 16 October Visit to the Ironbridge Gorge Museum
Surrey Industrial History Group & Godalming Water Turbine Trust
Accomodation: Telford Golf & Country Club

SIHG Lecture Course 2005-6

30th Series of Industrial Archaeology Lectures
Tuesdays 1930-2130, University of Surrey
Programme co-ordinator: Bob Bryson
27 September 2005
Heady Days: Brewing History and Archaeology
Mike Bone (Association for Industrial Archaeology, AIA, Vice Chairman)
11 October 2005
Farnborough: the early days
Gordon Knowles (SIHG Past Chairman)
25 October 2005
Sir Henry Bessemer
Dr Denis Smith (Greater London Industrial Archaeology Society, GLIAS, Chairman)
  8 November 2005
The Building of London's Docks
Edward Sargent (formerly with London Docklands)
22 November 2005
Aspects of the Great Western
Peter Lugg (formerly with the Great Western Railway, GWR)
  6 December 2005
Members' Talks

10 January 2006
The Concorde Story
Capt. Orlebar (Former Concorde Pilot)
24 January 2006
Aspects of Bell Founding and Ringing
Malcolm Loveday (Chairman, The Chertsey Society)
  7 February 2006
The History of Space Activities at the University of Surrey
Dr Craig Underwood (Surrey Space Centre)
21 February 2006
Paper, Papermaking and Engineering
Phil Crocket (British Association of Paper Historians, BAPH, Chairman)
  7 March 2006
St Pancras Station 1865-2007: A Journey through History
Roderick Shelton (Architect & Historic Buildings Consultant)