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Surrey Industrial History Group - Events 2007-8

SIHG Visits & AGM

Saturday 21 April SERIAC 2007
Hosted by BIAG, at Madejesky Theatre, University of Reading, Reading
8-10 September - SIHG weekend visit to Sheffield IA sites
including Abbeydale Industrial Hamlet, Kelham Island, Wortley Top Forge
and the Outokumpu Stainless Steel Melting & Continuous Casting plant.
Saturday 15 March - Conservation Award Presentation to the Horsley Coutryside Preservation Society
for restoration work on the Lovelace Bridges & AGM

SIHG Lecture Course at Guildford 2007-8

32nd Series of Industrial Archaeology Lectures
Tuesdays 1930-2130, University of Surrey
Programme co-ordinator: Bob Bryson

25 September 2007
The Life and Works of Thomas Telford.
Dr Michael Bailey (Past-President of the Newcomen Society)
9 October 2007
So you think you know about Industrial Archaeology!
John Silman & Tony Yoward (HIAS)
23 October 2007
The Lead Industry in London.
Tim Smith (GLIAS)
6 November 2007
The Golden Age of English Clockmaking.
David Thompson (Curator of Horology at the British Museum)
20 November 2007
Loyal Servants of the East India Company.
Janet Bateson (RH7 History Group)
4 December 2007
Members' Talks
1 Poncelet, Pipes and Pumps: The Albury Waterwheel by Pam Taylor
2 Motorcycle Plus 60 by Roy Johnson
3 Three videos by Pat and Neil Cryer
   Swallow Tiles & Bulmer Bricks    An Orkey Blacksmith    Blacksmith's Joke
4 Conservatory at Chiswick by Iain A McLaren
5 Ricardo & The Discovery of Octane by Martin Marriot

Christmas Break

8 January 2008
Sites and Surveys - a review of archaeological work in Surrey.
David Graham (President of the SyAS)
22 January 2008
Portsmouth Dockyard & Industry outside the Wall.
Prof. Ray Riley (University of Portsmouth)
5 February 2008
Aspects of Motoring in Surrey.
Gordon Knowles (President Leatherhead & District Local History Society)
19 February 2008
The Sentinel Steam Waggon.
Jim Hatfield (Chairman of the Sentinel Drivers Club)
4 March 2008
Mills of the Muslim World.
Michael Harverson (International Molinologist)