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SIHG Lecture Course 1980-1

5th Series of Industrial Archaeology Lectures
Tuesdays 1930-2130, University of Surrey
Department of Adult Education & SIHG
Programme co-ordinator: Francis Haveron
Six lectures on Steam in various guises

14 October 1980
Ploughing by steam
Robert Oliver
28 October 1980
Stevensons Rocket and other early steam locomotives
Eddy Wilson
11 November 1980
The Newcomen engine in Europe
Dr GJ Hollister Short
25 November 1980
Airmen of the 18th century - theory and practice
Brian Haimes
  9 December 1980
Steam at sea
RA Johns
  6 January 1981
Preserved and main line steam in the 1970s
Richard Derry
20 January 1981
The Roman potteries of Alice Holt, Farnham
Malcolm Lyne
  3 February 1981
Old trackways and ley lines
Jim Goddard
17 February 1981
The story of the Wey Navigation
Avril Lansdell
  3 March 1981
The River Thames as an industrial perspective
Mike Hall
17 March 1981
Members' talks