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Saturday 12 April SERIAC 1997 - South East Regional Industrial Archaeology Conference

SIHG Lecture Course 1997-8

22nd Series of Industrial Archaeology Lectures
Tuesdays 1930-2130, University of Surrey
Centre for Continuing Education & SIHG
Programme co-ordinator: Tony Stevens

  7 October 1997
The Technology of the English Country House
Dr Marilyn Palmer, Joint Editor, Industrial Archaeology Review
21 October 1997
Ice Houses and How to Survey Them
Ron Martin, Secretary, Sussex IA. Society; Secretary, SERIAC
  4 November 1997
The Tudor Royal Armoury at Greenwich
Anthony de Reuck, Assistant Editor, The Arms and Armour Society
18 November 1997
The Legacy of Hops in Farnham
Chris Hellier, Farnham Museum
  2 December 1997
The Mills of a Small Port
Tony Yoward, SIHG
16 December 1997
Members' Evening

20 January 1998
Southampton Docks
Dr Edwin Course, Southampton University IA. Group
  3 February 1998
Charcoal-fired Blast Furnaces
Jeremy S. Hodgkinson, Chairman, Wealdon Iron Research Group
17 February 1998
The Mystery of Coade Stone
Dr Gerry Moss, SIHG
  3 March 1998
How the Steam Locomotive Works
Dave Goodall
17 March 1998
Captain Shaw First and Most Famous Chief of London Fire Brigade
Dr Ronald Cox