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Saturday 25 April SERIAC 1998 - South East Regional Industrial Archaeology Conference

SIHG Lecture Course 1998-9

23rd Series of Industrial Archaeology Lectures
Tuesdays 1930-2130, University of Surrey
Centre for Continuing Education & SIHG
Programme co-ordinator: Tony Stevens

  6 October 1998
Swindon: Brunel's Ugly Duckling
Dr Keith Falconer, Royal Commission on the Historic Monuments of England
20 October 1998
Canals and their Architecture
Martin Jiggens, Chartered Surveyor
  3 November 1998
The lives of Paper-Making Families
Jean Stirk, Editor, British Association of Paper Historians
17 November 1998
Archaeology of Home Entertainment
Sue Hayton, GLIAS
  1 December 1998
Leather, Rope and Blue Pebbles
Geoff Mead, University of Sussex
15 December 1998
Members' Evening

26 January 1999
Recovery of World War II Aircraft
Mark Kirby
  9 February 1999
The D-Day Crosswords
Ron Smith, formerly Surrey County Schools Inspector
23 February 1999
Polish Coal Mines, Textile Mills, Railways and Canals
Professor Ray Riley, University of Lodz
  9 March 1999
The Early History of Plastics
Percy Reboul, Chairman, Plastics Historical Society
23 March 1999
The Textile Printing Industry 1676-1999
John Greenwood, Handblock Printer and Lecturer