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Welcome to the website of Swallow's Tiles (1860 - 2008).

We have been making clay tiles the traditional way for over 140 years, adding distinction to buildings new and old. Our tile-makers have handed their craft down from generation to generation.

We are leading producers of genuine hand-made clay roof tiles in the United Kingdom, and are probably the largest specialist manufacturers of sand-faced plain traditional tiles. By retaining the tried and tested methods of moulding by hand, drying naturally and firing in traditional kilns, we have retained all the recognisable features of a true hand- made product. The rich natural colours of the finished item are determined by the local sand used in the moulding process and the position of the tile during the kiln firing. These colours are permanent and will not fade during the life of the roof. On the contrary, not only will the roof achieve an instantly mature appearance but it will improve with natural weathering.