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Swallow's Tiles produce a plain sand-faced roof tile in three colour variations, Light, Medium and Dark. Many other variations are possible by the blending of any or all of the three types to your own choice. In this way, it is also possible to produce tiles suitable for use in refurbishment, repairs or extensions.


A comprehensive range of fittings is available in all the colours, including a wide selection of decorative tiles for use in vertical cladding contracts. Swallow's Tiles' craftsmen are able to reproduce almost any non-standard tile or fitting which may be required in either large quantities or single items, using wooden moulds designed and fabricated by our own carpenters.


Swallow's Hand Made Roof Tiles

Colour Range Dark, Medium & Light
Swallow's Hand Made Nibless Peg Tiles  
Colour Range Medium
Nominal Size 265mm x 165mm (10.5ins x 6.5ins)
Gauge 100mm  (4ins.)
Coverage  60 tiles per sq. metre
Min. recommended pitch 40 degrees
Weight per sq. m 65kg (at max. gauge)
Quantity per pallet 800 tiles
Weight per pallet  865 kg
Nibless Peg Tiles  
Nominal Size 250mm X150mm (10ins. X 6ins.)
Gauge 95 mm (3.75ins.)
Coverage  70 tiles per sq. metre